Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Be An Audience

Performer and audience are two things that seem different.

I know there are the diva jokes where performers do not want to be audience; they want to be seen, not to see. But I cannot, cannot imagine people making music without listening to any music, or see concerts. Because they belong together; to absorb, to learn, to enjoy, and to create.

It had always bothered me before but I just had no time writing this down; but I see so many musicians do not want to come to concerts because of reasons such as:
- I do not know any of them (and do not bother to find out if they are good or not)
- I have no money (even though the ticket costs the same as my coffee)
- Those people never show up in MY concert as well
- The performers belong to that community and I do not want to be seen as one of them

(Or those who come only to make comparisons to what they are doing, ugh. I don't even want to go there.)

Okay. I do not want to complain so much; but if you want to enjoy classical music, you really have to sit through a live concert, bro.

And this relates to the whole community itself, it is heartbreaking to see how many musicians actually make music (particularly in my hometown) but do not want to spend money to watch other concerts. I understand that some people have no interest in music, but if you make music, you know how devastating the process can be (regardless of all the fun as well), right? The least thing you can do is to come and listen to that music.

Take the risk.
Buy the ticket.
Sit through the concert.
Appreciate music.

Be an audience.
(you'll be surprised how wonderful it can be)


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